Over the years, we at Shree Nursing Electric Stores have attained the expertise to provide comprehensive solution for all your electrical cables, wires and light fittings requirements. We are noted as the top dealer of Havells electrical products which are safe, efficient, reliable and highly durable, besides we offer the, at market leading prices. The various Havells electrical products that you can avail from us are as follows- 

Havells Cables

Havells is an eminent and certified brand and we provide Havells cables that are genuine and highly efficient. Manufactured from premium raw materials through advance technology, Havells cables are strong and safe and are ideal for industrial as well as domestic usage. The various types of Havells cables that we deal with are as follows -

Aluminium Power Cables

Aluminium power cables offer complete protection from the different forms of chemical and electrolytic corrosion. These cables have highly compacted conductor that aids in reducing AC losses which are caused due to skin and proximity effect. These power cables come with sequential length marking on their outer sheath and have over 90% armour coverage of armored cables. They have the purest insulation to bear thermal and thermo- mechanical stresses at continuous normal and short circuit temperature conditions. Besides, these cables have extruded inner sheath for XLPE insulated power cable HT. 

Copper Control Cables

Our range of Havells copper control cables are very similar to the aluminium power cables. These cables also have conductors that supports in reducing AC losses which are caused through skin and proximity effect. These cables come with purest insulation to bear thermal and thermo- mechanical stresses at continuous normal and short circuit temperature conditions. Havells copper control cables have extruded inner sheath (for XLPE insulated power cable HT), come with length marking sequentially on the outer sheath of the cables and over 90% Armour coverage of armored cables. Our range of copper control cables give complete protection against various types of electrolytic and chemical corrosion.

Copper Flexible Cables
You can avail from us copper flexible cables that are flame retardant and provide extra protection against fire, overboard, low voltage and atmospheric changes. These cables have 101% copper conductivity and have specially formulated PVC compound for better insulation. Havells copper flexible cables are FR PVC insulated industrial cables 1100 volts with S3 feature and are tested under strict parameters.

Havells copper flexible cables are eco- friendly cables and certified by Bureau Veritas for ROHS compliance as per directive 2006/95/EC. They eliminate the release of hazardous substances and provide safety for human health and the environment. The advanced S3 technology restricts the leakage of current which can cause serious damage and also prevents the environment from the harmful substances such as lead, mercury, cadium and chromium.

HT/XLPE Cable that we provide offer excellent performance as they have high current carrying capacity. These cables are specially designed, hence very strong and are resistant to tear, abrasion, sever weather conditions and can withstand harsh external conditions. Our range of HT/XLPE cables are easy to install and maintain. Highly durable, these cables are cost effective and suit the budget of our clients.

Specialty Cables
The specialty cables that we render are fabricated by employing advanced laser controlled automatic machines. Premium quality raw material from primary manufacturers are procured to ensure the efficiency and performance of the cables.

Flat Cables
The flat cables that we provide are safe and highly efficient. The three core flat PVC insulated flexible industrial cable are appropriate for submersible use and can bear upto 1100 Voltage Grade.


Co- Axial Cables
Co- axial cables that we deal with find wide application in cable TV operations, computer net-working etc. These cables have strong annealed bare copper conductor. Besides, these have polythelene insulated shielded with polyester backed aluminium tape. These cables also have a shielding with fine aluminium braid protected with polyester tape wrapping. These cables are sheathed with PVC.



Havells Wires

You can obtain from us excellent quality Havells wires that are used for variegated applications. These wires safe and hence appropriate to be used at homes as well as at offices. Our Havells wires are weather and rodent resistant and come with the guarantee of high durability. These wires offer long service and therefore considered to be very cost effective.


Havells Light Fittings

Rendering top class Havells light fittings is our specialty. The light fittings that you can avail from us are certified and quality tested which makes them absolutely safe for use. The experience that we have attained in the domain has enabled us to cater light fittings in accordance to the exact requirement of the clients. Available in varied sizes and dimensions, we are capable of rendering focused solutions to our clients that meet their expectations along with their budget preferences.